Update 04/24/2017

Ok so I got the cliff borders and paths laid out in map #1, and I WAS adding trees and things but forgot my laptop at home so no lunch break creativity for me today. I’ll remember it tomorrow.

Got most of my main framework classes written out and I have the fitness dash really roughly laid out in unity. Really roughly, like default button textures atm but I’m more working on getting the basic mech stuff down, like being able to click the water log button more than once and it will keep a running tab, or habit checkboxes in the scroll window. All that’s set now though so I need to move on to being able to input a workout.

I figure once I get the first forest area, a sample fight, and get all the fitness stuff done I maybe can start a Kickstarter and I’ll  have some good stuff to show. Still got a ways to go til that though!


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