Update 05/09/2017

I didn’t get a lot of time to work this weekend because my cousin had a beautiful wedding! It was lovely.

BUT I did get a couple things done yesterday! I nailed down a base and back story for the world and finally have why everything is kind of not great in Aegle. I’m going to work a bit more on the establishing plot for Chapter 1 but the outline for Season 1 is actually good to go now. 

I’m still dithering on the companions vs importing friends and how to maybe do both? Maybe there will be a spot open when you pick your active fighting team that lets you import a friend but still lets you pick story characters if you wanted? I’m excited because it’s leaning a lot more towards something a little more naratively interesting.

Gonna set up my village map this weekend, I hope. Not the entire thing but at least the base. Goal written down!!


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